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About Our Name

In Roman mythology, Minerva is the patron goddess of wisdom, war, and the arts and she is known for being rational and intelligent.  Minerva is often depicted with an owl which symbolizes wisdom.

Other things we want to share with you

We are a small firm and we run efficiently. We make every effort to provide services that match our clients’ goals.

Finding an attorney can be a daunting task.  The attorney-client relationship is a working relationship which requires candor, trust, and respect and you should feel comfortable and confident when selecting an attorney.

By identifying the strengths and challenges that you will face in a legal arena, we will advise you of possible outcomes and options and we can assist you in making informed decisions. We cannot guarantee a specific outcome for your situation because each client is different and there may be factors that are unpredictable and beyond your or our control; however, we will provide you with competent legal counseling and earnest guidance while keeping in mind your concerns and goals.

We care about the quality of our work regardless of the size or complexity of a matter. We are also mindful of costs and of the environment and we use lower cost and eco-friendly alternatives provided that they do not impact the quality of our services.